MCG Consulting connects you to the next generation of compliance

MCG Consulting connects you to the next generation of compliance

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CIO Bulletin cites MCG Consulting among its “Emerging Companies to Watch”. Paul Murdock, Founder & Managing Director, shares how MCG Consulting connects you to the next generation of compliance.

Taking steps to meet your legal obligations might seem like a management no-brainer, but only fulfilling your minimum requirements might result in missed opportunities. Understanding the reasons for the various rules, laws and regulations that govern your business will help you take advantage of any benefits they offer while ensuring you stay in compliance at all times.

Compliance reduces risk in your business by facilitating the right actions and clear understanding. An organization’s performance is often challenged by internal threats (more so than external threats) and compliance exposes unacceptable conduct.

MCG Consulting believes that all securities markets are holistically connected in today’s world. Your business demands authoritative sources to assemble your regulatory data requirements in the most efficient and productive manner.

The company comprises of Chief Compliance Officers with deep expertise and extensive global experience. Their industry knowledge spans regulatory reporting, regulatory data management and distribution, transaction monitoring and analytics, compliance management and identity control.

We conversed with Paul Murdock, Founder and Managing Director, to learn more about the company

Q. What motivated you to establish MCG Consulting? Could you tell us a bit about your journey so far?

After spending many years in the industry as an executive at some of the most prestigious wall street firms, I believe my experience and MCG’s value proposition would play well in the financial services marketplace. My experience leading the consulting practices, in financial services, prepared me with the tools and contacts to start MCG. What started as an “idea” is now an award-winning, recognized leader in the global marketplace. We are extremely proud of our team of experienced consultants that we have assembled to engage with our clients.

Our journey to date has been very rewarding. We have faced many challenges that we have had the fortitude to overcome and achieve success. The global pandemic has been our greatest challenge to date, in regards to managing our client relationships. Although we have been very effective in modifying our business model to meet the changing dynamics, pivoting from direct face-to-face interactions to Zoom meeting unfortunately does not offer the level of client engagement we enjoy.

Q. What makes MCG Consulting relevant in today’s times? Could you give us some context?

At MCG, we make it a priority to keep businesses up to date and current with regulatory trends and the latest technological innovations. We continuously educate our clients on how these trends can impact their business and provide them with the most effective and efficient tools to navigate the constant changes of the securities landscape.

Q. Could you tell us in detail about the range of your consulting solutions?

MCG Consulting is one of the few companies that provide both regulatory compliance services and assistance in software development. We believe that all securities markets are holistically connected in today’s world. Our team of Chief Compliances Officers has deep expertise and extensive global experiences that we bring to our clients via MCG Solutions™, globally localized, data-driven intelligent solutions that span regulatory reporting, regulatory data management and distribution, transaction monitoring and analytics, compliance management and identity control.

Q. How do your solutions drive value on the long-term? How do you ensure this?

MCG Consulting does not have a proprietary technology solution. We work with solution providers/partners in the marketplace during the implementation process for our clients. A unique differentia for us, is that we are agnostic as to the solution providers we offer our clients. We bring “Best in Class” solutions to assist our clients. Therefore, as we work with solution providers, we are constantly speaking with vendors in the marketplace to keep abreast of the latest technology solutions. From a long-term perspective, we ask the tough questions around the solutions roadmap and investments being made in the solutions themselves.

Q. How do you help your clients navigate today’s evolving financial landscape?

MCG helps our clients solve their most complex business problems by providing uniquely customizable professional service advice.  On the compliance side of our business, we help clients identify and mitigate compliance, regulatory, and financial risks and on the technology side, we help clients upgrade to next-generation software systems cost-effectively and innovatively. This dual approach to meeting our client’s needs gives them the basic foundation to achieve exemplary success.

Q. What are the core values of MCG Consulting that helps it stand out in the consulting space?

MCG fundamentally is built on 4 principles: Integrity, Empowerment, Diversity & Inclusion and Social Responsibility. Those principles are the cornerstone of our success, and we integrate them into all of our client relationships.  We have an obligation to put our client’s best interest first and we act accordingly.

Q. Could you tell us about the work culture at MCG Consulting?

MCG cultivates an environment of progressiveness. We have a very collaborative culture—which works well for us and our clients. Each team member’s opinion is valued during our decision-making process.

Q. What does the road ahead look like for MCG Consulting?

We are very excited about what the future holds for MCG as we continue to scale the business for upward momentum. We see various opportunities ahead with new regulatory initiatives by the Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA. A large growth area will be new regulation related to Blockchain, NFTs and Cryptocurrencies. These are untapped areas of financial possibilities, and we look forward to partnering with our clients to meet those emerging regulatory demands. We are very excited about the future and our growth prospects.

Brief bio of the leader

Paul Murdock is the Founder and Managing Director of MCG Consulting. Recognized amongst the top 100 people in Finance, Paul has amassed over 25 years of experience specializing in finance and compliance within the financial services industry.

“We help you navigate the complexities of the evolving financial landscape and deliver innovative, seamless solutions that increase efficiencies achieving exemplary results.”

MCG Consulting connects you to the next generation of compliance