We connect you to the next generation of compliance

At MCG Consulting, we believe that all securities markets are holistically connected in today’s world. Your business demands authoritative sources to assemble your regulatory data requirements in the most efficient and productive manner.

We are Chief Compliance Officers with deep expertise and extensive global experience. Our industry knowledge spans regulatory reporting, regulatory data management and distribution, transaction monitoring and analytics, compliance management and identity control.

MCG will help you navigate the complexities of the evolving financial landscape. We deliver innovative, seamless solutions that increase your organizational efficiencies achieving exemplary results.

Our Values

Act with intention and cultivate an environment of progressiveness


Foster trust, communicate transparently, and treat our people and clients honestly and fairly.


Encourage our people and clients to achieve the best with a winning attitude.

Diversity & Inclusion

Value differences, attract and retain diverse people of character who commit to high standards.

Social Responsibility

Prioritize the greater good and build local communities around us.

Our Global Code of Conduct

Our global Code of Conduct is our guide for conducting business according to the highest ethical standards and consistent with our shared values.

In order to foster strong relationships and act with character, we must conduct all Company business in accordance with our Code, our internal policies and applicable laws and regulations. Our Code helps us to uphold our values by providing guidance and instruction on how to identify and promptly address ethical issues as they arise.

This Code applies to all officers, directors, internal employees, consultants and contract employees of MCG Consulting, LLC.