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Compliance solutions | Regulatory challenges

Digital Transformation

Deliver leading software solutions for managing the end-to-end process for audit reviews while effectively mitigating areas of potential risk.

Compliance Reviews

Help your firm navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape and keep your business running smoothly and lawfully.
Business Consultation
Chief Compliance Officer

Financial Fraud Detection

Offer award-winning solutions for detection and mitigation in the fight against money laundering, fraud and financial crimes.

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MCG Consulting specializes in regulatory compliance and leading one among regulatory companies for financial firms, conducting thorough finance reviews to certify compliance with industry standards. Trust MCG Consulting as your reliable Financial Advisor for navigating regulatory complexities with confidence in the United States, London and South Africa. Headquartered in the heart of New York City, MCG Consulting helps your firm navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with bespoke compliance solutions individually tailored to exceed your business needs.

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Bold Leadership

Lead within the FinReg industry as subject matter experts in field of compliance, regulatory reporting, project management and digital currency solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Deliver value through unique, personalized and transformative business solutions strategically globalized for client success.

Unparalleled Collaboration

Give each client our exclusive bespoke treatment by communicating transparently, delivering on promises, and fostering a collaborative partnership.

NextGen Results

Provide next-level expertise featuring best-of-breed solutions to help dynamic organizations succeed in our evolving digital world.

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