Finra Regulatory Notice 24-02: New Rules And End Of Temporary Relief Measures

Finra Regulatory Notice 24-02: New Rules And End Of Temporary Relief Measures

Finra Regulatory Notice

At MCG Consulting Services, we stay ahead of regulatory changes to ensure our clients remain compliant. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) announced significant updates through Regulatory Notice 24-02. These updates include the adoption of FINRA Rule 3110.19 and FINRA Rule 3110.18, which introduce the Residential Supervisory Location designation and the Remote Inspections Pilot Program.

The temporary relief measures related to office information updates on Forms U4 and BR, implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, are set to expire. These changes require firms to adapt their compliance strategies promptly.

Introduction Of New Rules: FINRA Rule 3110.19 And 3110.18

FINRA Rule 3110.19 introduces the Residential Supervisory Location (RSL) designation. This rule allows certain supervisory activities from residential locations, provided specific conditions are met. This change recognizes the evolving nature of the workplace, especially in a post-pandemic environment where remote work has become more common.

Meanwhile, FINRA Rule 3110.18 establishes the Remote Inspections Pilot Program. This program permits remote inspections of branch offices and supervisory locations, offering firms greater flexibility while maintaining rigorous oversight standards. These remote inspections must adhere to the same thoroughness and frequency as in-person inspections, ensuring that compliance and supervision remain uncompromised.

End Of Temporary Relief Measures

During the COVID-19 pandemic, FINRA introduced temporary relief measures to ease the burden on firms. These measures included relaxed requirements for updating Forms U4 and BR office information. However, with the adoption of Regulatory Notice 24-02, these temporary relief measures are set to expire. Firms must revert to pre-pandemic standards for updating office information, reinforcing the importance of accurate and timely reporting.

Implications For Compliance

The introduction of these new rules and the end of temporary relief measures have significant implications for firms. Compliance officers, financial managers, and executives must understand and implement these changes to ensure their operations meet FINRA‘s requirements. At MCG Consulting Services, we specialize in helping businesses navigate these regulatory updates, providing expert guidance and support.

Practical Steps For Compliance

Implementing FINRA Rule 3110.19 and FINRA Rule 3110.18 requires a strategic approach. Here are practical steps to ensure compliance with these new regulations:

  • Assess Your Current Supervisory Locations: Review your existing supervisory locations to determine if any can be designated as Residential Supervisory Locations under FINRA Rule 3110.19. Ensure these locations meet the necessary conditions and documentation requirements.
  • Implement Remote Inspection Protocols: Develop and integrate remote inspection protocols as outlined in FINRA Rule 3110.18. This involves training your compliance team to conduct thorough remote inspections and leveraging technology to facilitate them effectively.
  • Update Office Information on Forms U4 and BR: With the expiration of temporary relief measures, it is crucial to revert to the standard procedures for updating office information on Forms U4 and BR. Ensure that all changes are reported accurately and promptly to avoid compliance issues.
  • Engage Expert Assistance: Navigating these regulatory changes can be complex. Engaging with a compliance expert like MCG Consulting Services can provide the strategic guidance and support needed to implement these updates seamlessly. Our professionals can help you understand the nuances of these new rules and ensure your firm is fully compliant.

MCG Consulting Services Role In Your Compliance Strategy

At MCG Consulting Services, we understand the challenges that come with regulatory changes. Our team is dedicated to personalized support to help your firm stay compliant. By leveraging our expertise, you focus on your business operations while we manage the complexities of regulatory compliance.

We offer comprehensive services, including integrating Residential Supervisory Locations, implementing the Remote Inspections Pilot Program, and ensuring accurate Forms U4 and BR updates. Our strategic guidance ensures that your compliance measures are robust and effective.


FINRA‘s adoption of Rules 3110.19 and 3110.18, alongside the end of temporary relief measures, marks a significant shift in regulatory requirements. By staying informed and proactive, your firm can adapt to these changes and maintain a robust compliance framework.

For more insights and assistance, contact us and let our experts confidently help you navigate these regulatory changes. Trust MCG Consulting Services to provide the expertise and support you need to thrive in this evolving regulatory landscape.

Finra Regulatory Notice 24-02: New Rules And End Of Temporary Relief Measures